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Project Silence Podcast 29: The Nerd Cast

The Podcast is back and embracing all it’s nerdy roots with more discussion of The Dark Knight, which leads directly into an impromptu review of Superman Returns. Also on this episode we discuss the Watchmen and Harry Potter and the … Continue reading

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Strange Things Happened at Comic-Con ’08

That may be the most obvious title I have ever written. While I’ve never personally made the trip to California to attend Comic-Con, I have been to Wizard World Chicago more than a few times, and I can only imagine … Continue reading

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Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Trailer

It’s very early and I’ve just gotten up. Generally speaking I hate writing this early, as I’m prone to ramble about unimportant things and construct sentences that someone who, “writes” should never construct. But here I am anyway, posting away, … Continue reading

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Bill & Teds Energy Drink

If I learned one thing from the 1989 classic Bill & Teds Excellent Adventure, it’s that world peace can be achieved through the power of two Californian stoners rock music. Unsurprisingly, it’s taken those two stoners quite a while to … Continue reading

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The Ettatorial for the Week of 7-23-08

A large week of releases this week made for some interesting reads and a couple good picks.  While perrenial pick Avengers the Initiative fell short, and New Avengers did as well, Brave and the Bold came really close to earning … Continue reading

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Better Late Than Never: The Watchmen Trailer

On Wednesday Jason, Etta and I went to see The Dark Knight. Probably the most exhilarating two minutes of the entire experience (other than the disappearing pencil trick) was the Watchmen trailer. Directed by Zac Snyder (of 300 fame) Watchmen … Continue reading

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Project Silence Podcast 28: Hunt the Dark Knight

When Jason told me he wanted to name this episode, I thought to myself, fantastic after Jazz Hands I don’t think I’m qualified to name podcasts anymore. When he told me he wanted to name it Hunt the Dark Knight … Continue reading

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One Monkey Army

Sometimes an image is so perfect, any words would simply ruin it’s power. I’ve already said too much.

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Final Fantasy XIII Coming to Xbox 360

I’m not really a fan of eastern RPG games (I haven’t even played one since Final Fantasy VII), but as a simple fact of modern development costs, company’s like Square are forced to release their games on as many consoles, … Continue reading

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The Dark Knight Movie Review

Not a lot of movies live up to the hype that Hollywood surrounds them with. This year alone I’ve been let down several times by films that their trailers made look promising…but that all changed when I saw “The Dark … Continue reading

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