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“Malaria” Short Film is a True Work of Art

I saw this short film that was a entry to an art contest for Django Unchained, and was blown away with how excellent it was-and then learned it missed the deadline. This was truly a work of art, and it … Continue reading

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X-Men sequel to be titled “Days of Future Past”

The director of the first 2 X-Men films and the producer of X-Men: First Class, Bryan Singer, confirmed in an interview over at (you can see that interview here) that the sequel to First Class will indeed be titled … Continue reading

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The Dark Knight Rises Movie Review

Director Christopher Nolan has done the impossible here. He has created and filmed a trilogy of films about a superhero, using almost ALL of the same actors and people originally involved, and he made them all good. Let me correct myself. Not just good, great. What he’s done here will set the standard for ALL superhero films for the rest of time and there will never, NEVER be another Batman film as good as this one. Continue reading

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Pigs WILL fly! Marvel Studios officially announces Guardians of the Galaxy movie

According to an article over at (view it here), Marvel Studios has officially announced Guardians of the Galaxy as their tentpole release for summer 2014. Suffice to say I’m flabbergasted.  I couldn’t have been more shocked if they had … Continue reading

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“Live to Rise” New Soundgarden From The Avengers

It’s not Down on the Upside or Super Unknown, but the first new material in over 15 years from one of my favorite bands plus a movie I’ve been waiting for since I was 6 merits a post.

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 Movie Review

The poster says it best. After 10 years and 8 films, the modern day legend that is “Harry Potter” comes to an end. Oh boy, does it ever.

The series comes to a very satisfying (if a bit abridged) ending. Virtually every character and actor that’s been a part of this series shows up again here for the final curtain. Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint get to put the final touches on the grand performances they’ve spent most of their lives honing and we are finally given the answers to many of the secrets that have plagued Harry Potter fans for years. Continue reading

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The Summer of “Meh” OR How I Learned To Shut My Brain Off and Enjoy “Transformers Dark of the Moon”

Long have I been considered “ultra” critical of movies. I refuse to watch anything starring Renee Zellweger or Ben Stiller, I openly mock people who enjoy the “Twilight” films and I gag any time someone mentions “Saw”. After watching the majority of Hollywood film releases this summer so far, I’ve come to a saddening realization…it’s all been done before.

Yes, anyone who’s had a conversation with me about movies knows I’ve said this time and time again, but now it’s just a blatant fact. Anything you pay to see on the big screen you’ve seen before. No “ifs”, no “buts”. It’s been done. Continue reading

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“Cedar Rapids” has a trailer…

…and due to the Iowa movie tax scandal from last year, there is only one actual scene of the real Cedar Rapids in the whole movie.  Can you see if you can spot it?  Here’ s a hint: it’s NOT … Continue reading

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Goodnight Funny Man RIP Leslie Nielsen

A sad bit of news, as Leslie Nielson has passed away at the age of 84.  The comedic star of movies like Airplane! and the Naked Gun franchise was a personal favorite of the Project Silence crew, and we send … Continue reading

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The Ettatorial for the Week of 7-21-10 (Comicon Round-up Edition)

Well, I was all set to give you a pick of the week this week, but that was before I forgot that this week was Comicon.  And while there were some good books released this week, all the great things … Continue reading

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