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The 15 Most Unintentionally Hilarious Bootleg Toys

Earlier today Jay sent me a great link to an article over at ( link to the original article HERE).  It’s very much in the vein of the late, great Toyfare magazine and made me laugh out loud more … Continue reading

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Just when I thought I was out…THEY PULLED ME BACK IN!

Yesterday at the annual San Diego Comic Con, Mattel revealed the new line up for their highly popular, internet-exclusive “Masters of the Universe” toys (you can see pics of the new figures here). I’ve talked about this line before on the podcast several times and how much I both love it and hate it: I love it because it’s so awesome and the figures are amazing, I hate it because of its very high price and difficulty to obtain on sale day. Well, long story short, I had resolved to quit this line after the month of August when (Orko and Trapjaw are released).

Well, forget that. Continue reading

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Almost There…

McFarlane’s Halo 3 figures are pretty excellent. It’s a shame they don’t provide an method to acquire just the pieces you need instead of buying random packs and trying to patchwork your characters together, but I’ve been able to do … Continue reading

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Lego Linksys Router Upgrade

Taking an extremely common (seriously, how about a redesign?) Linksys router and giving it a shiny new coat of Lego paint seems like a great idea. Some guy named Luke did it, and the results are pretty excellent. If someone … Continue reading

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If Knowing is Half the Battle, What’s the Other Half?

The answer to all life’s important mysteries are answered by an awesome T-Shirt. I think I need one of these.

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Lego Heroes

BrickShelf Gallery has done a ton of work in making Lego versions of comic book superheroes and villains. As seen in the sample above (Rorschach and Beta Ray Bill), they obviously know what they’re doing. They have literally tons of … Continue reading

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