The Ettatorial for the Week of 10-22-08

A huge week of releases this week, with both of the “Big 2″ trying to out-do the other with each of their respective “event” books.  And while I purchased both of them (Secret Invasion and Final Crisis) you’ll notice neither one of them are up above as picks for the week.  No, while both were good, and the other books that I got were as well, it’s two books that rose above for my picks of the week.

The first pick this week is Criminal #6.  As I seem to every issue, this one is no exception in being picked as a book of the week.  Brubaker and Phillips craft the perfect crime-noir comic, and both deserve every accolade, award, and dollar they get for this terrific book.  This issue is part 3 of “Bad Night”, and even when you think that the you have the twists and turns of the story figured out, Brubaker manages to pull out a couple more.  I have to admit I couldn’t have guessed at the twists contained herein, and that in itself is an accomplishment.  I love everything about this book, and think that anyone who loves a good story and beautiful artwork would as well.  So while I think that getting a new reader to buy this issue, which is part three of four, is unlikely, I will say that when this story-arc is collected, go out and get it.  It just may be my favorite arc so far, and even new readers will not be lost, nor disappointed.

My other pick for this week is Amazing Spider-Man #574.  This issue is special in a couple of ways.  The first reason is that while Spider-Man does figure in loosely to events here, it’s really all about Flash Thompson.  The second reason is that the events within are one of the most realistic, most heartfelt stories about the war I’ve recently read.  The issue has been talked about for a few months, with articles with comments by other writers saying how good the story was.  I’m not one to fall for hype, having heard that song and dance before.  But I’ve got to say, the book is truly a well-done piece, and something for writer Marc Guggenheim to be proud of.  Flash and his story are well researched, as evidenced by the letter in the back of the book in the letter column.  It’s rare for a book to get such a soldiers eye view of war, and get across the sense of brotherhood, duty, and honor that our men and women of the armed services serve with.  All of that is here, and well represented by by Barry Kitson’s artwork.  As I’ve been saying, Amazing Spider-Man is well on it’s way to being an example of Marvel’s best work, and I hope that even detractors of the book would give this issue a shot.

So there you have it folks, my picks for the week.  I’ll see you back here next week, same time, same channel.

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49 Responses to The Ettatorial for the Week of 10-22-08

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  2. s jellen says:

    I thought ASM 574 was better than any issue of the much hyped new ways to die. Of all the things thats have happened and unhappened to flash over the last 10 years, this was the most well done.
    The only bad thing is that at some point anything that happend in BND is subject to be undone.
    Its like finding out that a sport is fixed. A great story plus new direction of flash but its at the mercy of going down the drain when/if BND is pulled.

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