The Ettatorial for the Week of 12-23-09


Simply put, a huge week of releases this week.  Adding to that two books released last week that had been sold out locally (Next Issue Project #2 and Daytripper #1 for those wondering at home), and the busy holiday week equals a bit of a cheat for me here.  Instead of a recommendation, I’m going with a visual shopping list of books purchased.  I really can’t say I didn’t enjoy any of these, so go ahead and feel free to check any of them out.  Go ahead and put your comments on the books above, or if you have anything to add, go ahead with recommendations of your own.

That will be it for this week folks.  We’ll see you back here next week, same time, same channel-but for something a bit different.  What is it you ask?  You’ll have to stop by to check it out.

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