The Ettatorial for the Week of 5-2-12


A nice week of releases this week, highlighted by my choice for the week.  Read on for more.

Your pick for this week is Daredevil #12.  Writer Mark Waid is joined by personal favorite Chris Samnee (who will be joining the title and taking Marcos Martin’s spot in the artists’ rotation, one of the best editorial choices I can think of) on this wonderful done-in-one tale.  Waid gives the audience both a tale of romance in the form of Matt Murdock’s first date with new district attorney Kirsten McDuffie, and also a story of Matt’s formative law school years with Foggy Nelson.  Both stories are not just note perfect, but a how-to guide on creating character defining moments for a character that has been around for almost 50 years without seeming forced or hokey.  All this, and Daredevil is only in costume for one panel.  The date itself is both sweet and sexy, but without being gratuitous or pandering (honestly, the cover is the most provocative thing about the issue) and the two characters already seem perfect for one another (the trick of any good writer).  The tale of Matt and Foggy in law school on the other hand is a nice mystery/law drama, and I always appreciate seeing Waid cover material like this, a holdover from his Ruse and Potter’s Field material perhaps.  A year in to the series, and Waid and co. have made this the best title Marvel is publishing, managing to both satisfy long time fans, and being very new-reader friendly.  It manages to be serious without the darker tone the title had possessed in the last decade (something I had enjoyed under the capable hands of both Bendis and Brubaker), yet somehow seems to be a bright spot, a happier title than most books currently on the stands.  There is a reason the series is nominated for the most amount of Eisner nominations this year, ranging from best continuing series, to best writer, to best artist (two nominations in that category actually, an even bigger feat), and I encourage everyone curious about the series to check it out.  I think this issue would be perfect for anyone, both familiar or unfamiliar, wanting to see what all the buzz is about.

There you have it folks, your pick for the week.  I’ll see you back here next week, same time, same channel.

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