The Ettatorial for the Week of 7-21-10 (Comicon Round-up Edition)

Well, I was all set to give you a pick of the week this week, but that was before I forgot that this week was Comicon.  And while there were some good books released this week, all the great things “announced” (let’s not kid ourselves, a lot of this was rumored or known to those that know how to find it weeks ahead) this weekend led me to change up the format for this week.  So this week, I’m going to leave you with a link dump of the announcements or happenings at Comicon that excited, shocked, amused, or generally made me happy. 

Comic fans show just how good they really are when they counter protest this hateful, bigoted, truly-evil group of Fred Phelps (a man I genuinely hate!)

When nerds attack!-who’d a thunk that even geeks could get motivated enough to rage?

DC manages to show they at least know how to do animation right with Young Justice cartoon series (with Peter David involved natch!)

Marvel resurrects Crossgen?-The first thing Disney utilizes Marvel for (or is it the other way around?), and while I wasn’t a huge fan of the company, I appreciated their line’s diversity, and I loved Ruse.

Marvel to publish a second Strange Tales Indie anthology-the older I get, the more I appreciate things like this

A list of this year’s Eisner winners-Some nice winners this year, and I was really glad with best new series, best limited series, best adaption, and penciller/inker.

Batman Inc.-Just when I figured I would be able to leave with Morrison’s departure from Batman and Robin, he announces this.

A Suicide Squad video game?! Yes, I know I need to be hesitant on this one, considering that it will probably be based on a movie (which may not be too good), but I love me some Suicide Squad, so here’s hoping.

Chew optioned for television-one of my favorite new series (and a lot of others it seems-see my Eisner post) would make a great tv show

Astro City optioned for the Big Screen-I think I could die happy seeing the  Confessor storyline filmed correctly

The “official” Avengers Movie announcement-yeah, I (and just about everyone else) knew about this one months ago, but this is truly a dream come true for a life-time Avengers fan like myself.

Super shaping up to be a suprisingly awesome sounding film-James Gunn, Nathan Fillion, Rainn Wilson-I’m intrigued

Well, there you go folks, your special edition Ettatorial for the week.  We should be back to some semblance of normalcy next week, same time, same channel.

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49 Responses to The Ettatorial for the Week of 7-21-10 (Comicon Round-up Edition)

  1. Jay Alan says:

    The Counter-Protest was amazing, I loved some of those signs!

    Also, Young Justice? Peter David? Yes! Sign me the f*ck up! Just get Superboy back in a decent costume and it’s a dream come true (sorry, a black t-shirt and jeans is not a good costume, why has it lasted this long?).

  2. Jason Walter says:

    I KNOW!!! That protest was the shiznizzle (excuse my breaking out into Snoop lingo)! Some highlights for me were a guy in a Bender costume with a sign that said “Kill All Humans!” and a nerd in a Spock costume with a sign that read “God Hates Jedi”. Friggin’ hillarious. What an awesome way for geekdom to stand up to hate.

    Respect, my nerd brothers (flashes vulcan sign).

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