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Pigs WILL fly! Marvel Studios officially announces Guardians of the Galaxy movie

According to an article over at ign.com (view it here), Marvel Studios has officially announced Guardians of the Galaxy as their tentpole release for summer 2014. Suffice to say I’m flabbergasted.  I couldn’t have been more shocked if they had … Continue reading

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Marvel and 30 Rock: Two Great Tastes That Taste Great Together

A little primer here.  When I watched the 3-17-11 episode of 30 Rock, I figured I must have been the only person geeky enough to notice the comic Frank puts in the fryer was a Marvel comic I had read … Continue reading

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X-Men Arcade Coming to XBL and PSN in Fall 2010

My one and only prayer for Xbox Live Arcade was answered today, as Marvel and Konami announced that their classic X-Men Arcade game will be released this fall on both XBox Live Arcade and PSN.  Hit me with some details, … Continue reading

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The Ettatorial for the Week of 7-21-10 (Comicon Round-up Edition)

Well, I was all set to give you a pick of the week this week, but that was before I forgot that this week was Comicon.  And while there were some good books released this week, all the great things … Continue reading

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First Image of Kenneth Branagh’s Thor

Now I can officially get excited about this film. [Via:DarkHorizons]

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The Ettatorial for the Week of 2-24-10

Another decent-sized shipping week for me, with a total of six books.  But yet again, nothing really jumped out at me.  Nothing was wrong with any of the books, I enjoyed them pretty much equally.  But I just didn’t feel … Continue reading

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Disney to Acquire Marvel Comics for $4 Billion

I know comics-related news usually fall under “Etta’s” domain, but this was just too huge for me to ignore. According to this post over at Newsarama.com, Disney enterainment will acquire Marvel Comics Entertainment and all of its over 2,000 comic book characters (including Spider-Man, the X-Men, the Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America, etc.) in a large stock and cash transaction.

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Marvel to Publish Marvel(Miracle)Man!

The big news of the San Diego Comicon has broke, and it’s a biggie! Press Release The biggest news of Comic Con International in San Diego was revealed moments ago and jaws are still on the floor—the world-renowned super hero … Continue reading

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Captain America Reborn Prelude

Normally I don’t get too excited about Marvel’s Digital Comics initiative (don’t get me wrong, digital may very well be the future, I just haven’t seen anything on the site I need to have), but I’m going to make an … Continue reading

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Colbert and Quesada Challenge President Elect Obama

Comic Book Resources is reporting that the Thursday November 13 episode of “The Colbert Report” will feature the talk show pundit and Marvel EIC challenging the President Elect to appear to recieve an autographed Amazing Spider-Man comic by the duo. … Continue reading

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