Lego Linksys Router Upgrade

lego routerTaking an extremely common (seriously, how about a redesign?) Linksys router and giving it a shiny new coat of Lego paint seems like a great idea. Some guy named Luke did it, and the results are pretty excellent.

If someone were to build these and sell them for profit I’d probably buy one. Why? Because I’m too lazy to build one myself. I wonder if they come in N?

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2 Responses to Lego Linksys Router Upgrade

  1. Brian says:

    Pretty cool, acutally they have done a redesign, this is an old model, the new ones are flat and sleek, kinda ufo shaped.

  2. Jay Alan says:

    Oh yeah, I have seen those. Forgot all about them, I need some fact checking! You can’t trust this site! :)

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